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fuck this shiiit
7 July
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air, alkaline trio, art, at the drive in, audiolux, autumn skies, bass, belle and sebastian, ben kweller, beulah, bikini kill, black & white film, blonde redhead, boys in suits, boys kissing boys;), boys wearing tight pants, bright eyes, built to spill, cameras, chain reaction, chicks on speed, cloves, conor oberst, cursive, damien rice, dance disaster, daughters, death cab for cutie, desaparecidos, digital camaras, disneyland, drawing, dredg, elliott smith, elton john, face the fact, fall out boy, feeling loved, flaming lips, flavored cigarettes, foreign films, franz ferdinand, further seems forever, getting away from home, go go go airheart, gorillaz, hardcore, hardcore boys, harry potter, hot hot heat, hugs, indie, indie boys, indie films, interpol, jake gyllenhaal, jealous sound, jeffries fan club, jimmy eat world, kanye west, karen o., kevin smith movies, keyboards, kisses, kissing in the rain, koufax, ladytron, last days of april, le shok, le tigre, lilo & stich, limbeck, making indie films, mixtapes, mod boys, modest mouse, monsters inc., morrissey, moulin rouge, moving units, mustard plug, my chemical romance, neil diamond, neon blonde, outkast, ozma, painting, peaches, pedro the lion, phantom planet, pharrell, photography, pictures, piebald, planes mistaken for stars, plugs, poison the well, pretty girls make graves, q and not u, radiohead, raspberry-cranberry juice, reel big fish, rilo kiley, rooney, saddle creek, saddle creek records, sahara hotnights, saves the day, shows, stars, taking back sunday, taking pictures, ted leo/pharmacists, the (international) noise conspiracy, the aquabats, the blood brothers, the bubble boy, the faint, the get up kids, the hippos, the killers, the locust, the muse, the postal service, the red light sting, the rocking horse winner, the smiths, the white octave, the wonderful mr. oberst, thursday, tight pants, vespas, weezer, xbxrx, yeah yeah yeahs